Adventures in the Land of Raw Foodism

I love food.   I love eating it, cooking it, looking at it, reading about it, creating with it, and (of course) writing about it myself.  I definitely couldn’t pass up sharing this meal.

This is my first adventure in raw foodism which is apparently this whole food movement in which people chose to eat only foods that have not been heated above 118 degrees–so mostly fruits, vegetables, seeds and raw or sprouted grains–for a variety of reasons including nutrition, digestion, concern for animals, and religion/philosophy.  I’m deeply intrigued by the whole thing, though not enough to throw myself into it wholeheartedly.  I also have my misgivings about being able to eat raw and local (particularly in the northeast), but (with some pangs of guilt) I set those aside musings aside to indulge in this meal.

Nori Vegetable Wraps w/ Curry + Spinach Salad (inspired by Choosing Raw)

To make the Nori (roasted seaweed) Wraps, I just piled romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, bell pepper slices, portabella mushrooms, and green onions onto the nori square and drizzled it with a curry concoction consisting of a few tablespoons of tamari soy sauce, a couple tablespoons of curry paste, an about a 1/2 cup of water.  (I ended up making way too much, and it was a little thin but very tasty and I’ll use the leftovers for a stirfry later this week.)  Finally I rolled it up just like you would a tortilla wrap and cut it in half.

(I did quickly discover that I ought to have wrapped it tighter however…  My lunch wrap the next day was a mess!)

The Spinach Salad was equally simple: I rubbed some olive oil, vinegar and salt into the spinach to draw out some of thebitterness (probably should have let it rest longer actually) and then topped it off with avocado, chickpeas, almonds, dried cranberries and some sesame seeds.  Presto! Delicious salad.

I enjoyed both while watching Chapter 2 of the PBS Miniseries of Emma, my new favorite Austen novel, and I finished off with a dessert of a whole grapefruit and dried apricots.  On the whole, a delightful combination.


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