I turned in all of my graduate school applications in mid-January and the last two months have been agonizing at times as I’ve waited for those all-important letters to appear.  I’ll spare you the gory details of terse rejection letters and high hopes dashed to pieces by emails.  Allow me to simply state, with much satisfaction, that I have finally been accepted to graduate school.

I do have two choices, but I am strongly leaning towards Drew University and their combined MA/PhD in History and Culture.  Did I say “strongly leaning”?  I really meant it was all I could do to keep myself from signing on the dotted line in blood the minute I opened the envelope.  (Side Note: rejection letters came in emails and business envelopes; acceptance letters came in parcels.)  The program was my top choice from the start and (not to brag too, too much) is offering me full tuition with a fellowship and stipend.  Nope, still hasn’t entirely hit me.

So it looks like I’ll be off to Madison, NJ in just a few months to start a brand new chapter of life.  Au revoir, AmeriCorps.  Hallo Academia.  And away we go…


4 thoughts on “Accepted

  1. Glory to God for directing you so very clearly. Your provision is ours as well. May you continue to honor our Lord as you move forward, and may we be not be consumed by immense pride as we tell EVERYONE of the great news OUR DAUGHTER has received. Again, with much rejoicing, may God have the glory.
    I love you with all of my heart and I am overwhelmed with joy for you.

  2. woohoo! I know i’m reading this post almost two months late, but then, I’m just starting to read all of your posts, soooo,… way to go! congrats! 😀

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