Ava’s Song

Just because I love my niece and she turns me into a complete sap.  There are  not many human beings I go completely mushy over, but she does it to me every time…


3 thoughts on “Ava’s Song

  1. Heather,
    That was so beautiful and inspiring to me!!! You have a very lucky niece. I have put my guitar down too many times, it’s too beautiful of an instrument to just let it sit. I have always had a love of music..singing and the guitar especially. Listening to this song …inspires me…to do what I love which is share kind, hopeful words through my voice and guitar. Thank you.

    Good luck …soon to be Dr. !


  2. Wonderful, sweetheart. It seems you have chosen to love your brother’s family as you have always loved your brother. I am certain that God is pleased, and so am I. I love you.

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