Did you remember your reusable bags?

Why yes. I did.

And not just for my groceries that come in boxes and cans and containers.  In an effort to continue winning my own personal war against plastic this spring/summer, I sewed up my very own cloth produce/bulk bags!  I made them in a variety of shapes and sizes and thus far they’ve proved to be wonderfully handy for loose fruits and vegetables (like apples and peppers) and for my favorite bulk items (like unsalted mixed nuts and couscous).  I usually reuse the bags for the same items multiple times, but if they get sticky or wet or dirty they’re easy enough to throw in the wash.

Take that plastic bags!

Of course, I can’t take too much credit.  Loads of other people have made similar bags before and, after a quick Google search, I based my own on Wendy’s instructions on Wisdom of the Moon. I’m not nearly so crafty as she is, so I simplified the seams (just pinned the two edges together really) and used a very basic stitch (I believe it’s called a “backstitch”).  I can testify that they were easy to make and didn’t even require a particularly straight hem.  The best part was that I was able to find the sheer fabric at a Salvation Army for only three dollars.  Fantastic, yes?

For those who might not be quite so keen on sewing, there are a variety out there for purchase.  Etsy is a good place to start and another quick Google Search turns up 200+ options in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.  Have a look and think about replacing those plastic produce bags with reusable ones.


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