Ten Things I Like About Running on a Sunny Winter Day

Snowflakes by Wilson Bentley

1.) It beats the treadmill any day, any time.  Hands down.  (Really, who doesn’t feel like a gerbil on those machines?)

2.) The feeling of triumph over nature.  As in, “Take that, snow!  Go ahead.  Try to keep me indoors until July.”

3.) The knowledge that everyone driving past me is thinking, “That woman is crazy running in the snow.  That’s nuts.”  (Or at least that’s what I usually think of people running in thirty degree weather.)  But they’re also secretly thinking, “I wish I was that sort of person.”

4.) There’s almost no one on the paths and sidewalks to see how pathetically slow I’m moving or how laboriously I’m breathing.

5.) Even if there are people on the paths and sidewalks to notice how slow I’m moving, I can just tell them I’m making sure I don’t slip on a patch of ice and dislocate my knee.  Which would prevent me from ever running faster, of course.

6.) Because there are so few people on my path I can throw up my hands and have a little victory celebration when I make it over the wimpy little hill that’s been kicking my butt for the last six months.

7.) Running outdoors is a great chance to wear my awesome long sleeve wicking shirts.  The ones I bought back in September…and haven’t worn yet.

8.) Because it’s sunny and relatively warm and I’m already pleased as punch that I’m even making the effort to run, I run farther.  If I’m going to exercise, I’m going to make the most of it.

9.) It’s a great excuse to brag a little to my housemate who only ran on the treadmill this morning.  (Never mind that she runs everyday and I only run…well, nevermind.)

10.) Running outdoors on a sunny winter day inspires blog posts.  Good enough, yes?


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