This is not a wedding blog.

Two posts in one night? Must be a new semester is coming. Maybe if I post often enough now, I can justify orphaning my blog for the next four months….

M.L. and I got ourselves engaged over winter break (enter whooping and hollerin’ family members, popping bottles of champagne, and utterly incoherent squealing on the phone from long-distance friends). It’s going to be a long-ish engagement, so we’re trying not to plan too much yet. Still, it was hard to resist the call of venues, photographers, and quirky DIY projects over the break, so we did some leg work on practical things like…a budget. It was good to begin planning, especially with M.L. teaching twelve time zones away, so we can move things along once he’s home again in the summer.

The happy couple eagerly awaiting Ethiopian food over break. Yes.

That being said, I’ve promised myself (and M.L. and a great number of family and friends who better hold me to it) I will not be consumed by the wedding. I will not let every conversation drift towards bouquets and boutonnieres. I will not neglect relationships, in all their depth, in favor of bridal blogs. And I will not blog about every detail of the wedding. True story. I might post pictures and DIY links and interesting details on occasion, but I really don’t want that to be the focus here. Life is, after all, much, much grander than even the most elegant wedding.

One of the wisdom filled pieces of the internet that’s keeping me in check is 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding. The story is amazing. Instead of starting with the details, Sara and her now-husband Matt sat down and wrote out a beautiful vision for their wedding. (You can read their story here.) They refused to get caught up in what they call the “wedding-industrial complex” (apropos, yes?) and instead opted to focus on their love for one another and their desire to party-hearty with their honored guests. They certainly had some fabulous details – like ‘get to know me’ name tags, a margarita machine, and (yes!) boxed wine – but the little things were never the point.

I want to plan a wedding with as much grace and laughter and calm and love for others as it looks like they did. With as little concern for the details and as much focus on relationships, before, during and after the wedding. Inspiration, indeed.


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